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Lubrita Water Soluble Cutting Oil , Water Based Cutting Oil Anti Rust Non Toxic

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Lubrita Water Soluble Cutting Oil , Water Based Cutting Oil Anti Rust Non Toxic

Brand Name : AUTOFOR

Model Number : LS6301-BL/LY8806-BL

Certification : ROHS/SGS/MSDS/ ISO9001

Place of Origin : China

MOQ : 1 barrel

Price : Negotiable

Payment Terms : L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

Supply Ability : 50 tons/day

Delivery Time : 1

Packaging Details : barrel

Type : Synthetic water-based cutting fluid

Application : silicon steel and iron core

Quality : high

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Specialized cutting fluid for silicon steel and iron core water-based

AUTOFOR Lubrita has a total of 14 types of cutting fluids for 6 types of silicon steel core materials. It can be oriented according to different products of different customers. It does not need to be replaced during use, no need for daily maintenance, no deterioration, no odor and other characteristics.

Special cutting fluid for silicon steel and iron core -LS6301-BL/LY8806-BL series:
The picture below shows the Lubrita LS6301-BL/LY8806-BL series cutting fluid, with the real shot of our precision cutting machine and precision cutting wheel

AUTOFOR Lubrita cutting fluid has good cooling, cleaning, anti-rust and other characteristics, and is non-toxic, odorless, non-erosion to the human body, non-corrosive to equipment, environmentally friendly, etc., which makes the port of the cut product smoother and more effective. Reduce the loss of the cutting wheel, no need to polish and cut out the mirror effect.

1. Does not produce oil mist of oily cutting oil, no irritating odor;
2. It has good lubricity and extreme pressure; it will not cause cross-section oxidation;
3. It has good lubrication effect, reduces the wear of the cutting piece and has high processing precision;
4. The anti-microbial stability is strong, which makes it have a long service life and good cleaning performance;

5. Good lubrication performance, reduce the friction between the section and the scrap processing surface; can reduce the friction between the precision cutting wheel and the product, and increase the service life of the grinding wheel by 10%-30%.
6. Strong anti-rust performance, preventing the corrosion of water and oxygen in the atmosphere on the newly processed surface;
7. Excellent cooling performance, reducing the temperature of the cutting piece, inhibiting the thermal expansion of the material to be cut and the cutting piece;
8. The cleaning performance is good, and the fine chips and powder are washed away by the liquid flow to ensure the continuous processing of the cutting piece and the workpiece;

9. High-grade environmental protection, the cutting fluid has passed the national SGS environmental certification, does not contain harmful components, and will not cause harm to the operator;

10. Water-based fire resistance is good, water-based cutting fluid eliminates the risk of fire;
11. Excellent extreme pressure, the cutting fluid bears the load without being squeezed out of the friction surface, resulting in the lack of lubrication of the friction surface;

Lubrita is the environmentally-friendly cutting fluid of AUTOFOR. The AUTOFOR cutting fluid is jointly developed by Guangdong University of Technology based on American polymer base oil. 1, Lubrita cutting fluid has passed SGS environmental certification; 2, the United States UL certification; 3, the EU 201 SVHC high concern substance certification.

12. Reduce the cutting fluid by 50% of the chips;
13. Made with cosmetic grades;
14. Contains no chlorine, nitrite or heavy metal carcinogens;
15. The section brightness is improved by 3 levels, which can cut out the international first-class mirror effect.
16. High quality cutting fluid reduces the cost of liquid replacement and shutdown;
17. There will be no rusting due to dechlorination;

Lubrita cutting fluids can solve the following problems:

1. The metalworking fluid and emulsion are odorous, spoiled, and have a short service life;
2, metal surface oxidation, spotting, discoloration
3, precision cutting wheel is easy to wear

4, workers skin allergies, spots, itching, etc.
5, waste liquid does not meet emission standards
6, cutting oil smoke, large smell
7. The lubrication of the equipment is reasonable, economical, safe and short in service life.
8. It can provide reasonable suggestions for the actual lubrication conditions, develop personalized products for the new process, and customize the exclusive cutting fluid according to the customer's needs.

There are 10 reasons for choosing Lubrita cutting fluid:
1. more durable
No need to change liquid, long service life, just add stock solution;
It blends with synthetic base oils; it has high oxidation resistance and durability.

2. cleaner
Hydrogenation of base oils, or the use of synthetic base oils; reduction of sludge.

3. more professional
Automatic production workshop, control quality;
The finished product meets relevant national and industry standards.

4. high precision
Enhanced lubrication: Improve equipment processing accuracy and workpiece surface finish;
Enhanced lubrication: slows the wear between the mold and the mold or between the tool and the mold.

5. high efficiency
Optimize the formula and strive for [zero] shutdown fluid change;
Slow tool wear and reduce replacement frequency.

6.focus on professional
unique cooling performance and cleaning performance;
has excellent chipping performance;
After processing the surface of the workpiece to achieve a mirror finish;
Very low viscosity, low volatility, no benzene, no harmful ingredients, no irritating odor;
Tantalum has good dielectric properties and cooling properties, which facilitates the rapid removal of solid particles.

7. stable quality
Product quality tracking and incoming material inspection; stable control of oil quality;
Priority of imported raw materials, from the United States, Canada, Germany, Turkey and other countries.

8. worry-free management
Independent after-sales center handles on-site issues for customers;
Legally regular large oil suppliers can avoid problems caused by oil quality.

9. good user experience
adhere to the use of low odor and low foaming irritating raw materials;

Improve bio-stability and extend the life of the cutting fluid.

10. clean working environment
The cutting fluid has a low foaming tendency, which slows down the floor of the workshop;
Use high flash point and less volatile materials to avoid oil mist.

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